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Some stories are neither fact nor fiction.

Public statement against recent criminal charges filed against Bengal-origin Muslim poets of Assam, and the online harassment that they are being subjected to.
The India-Pakistan partition might have been “one of the greatest administrative operations in history” for Lord Mountbatten, but it was a calamitous event for many others.
Verses on war and what follows.
Robert Heath claimed to have cured homosexuality by implanting electrodes into the pleasure centre of the brain. Robert Colvile reports on one of the great forgotten stories of neuroscience.
Two refugees in transit find love, warmth and solace in each other.
Fifteen years after the fall of the Iraqi dictator, an Iraqi recalls the utter chaos that followed the American invasion.
Two refugees in transit find love in an unlikely place.
Between Izmir and Athens: dream sellers and a notebook swallowed by the road.
The war made him leave his home behind, suddenly and begrudgingly. | Amir Darwish
Curfew meant being attacked by the paramilitaries. An attack inside their quarters was called “operation” | A short story by Mekhala Saran