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Racism as a social construct permeates everyday life in Assam but remains ignored by the media—even normalised by people at large.
The counter-narcotics efforts of the Philippines and Bangladesh can be successful only if a comprehensive and long-term approach is taken.
India and China must focus on their common aspirations to realise the 'Asian 21st century' dream.
Recent tensions between the Indian government and the country's central bank have shifted public attention to the strife-torn economy.
A fake story about Rohingya refugees in India eating Hindus is doing the rounds. Beware!
If India really wants to stop sex trafficking, legislators might consider asking sex workers in Kolkata how they keep the Sonagachi red light district safe and exploitation-free.
India's defence planners should have little doubt about the military threat that China's new multirole combat aircraft poses to the northeaster theatre.
The recent tragicomedy that unfolded in Sri Lanka resembles a constitutional coup.
Imagine a democratic protest where a million Indian farmers, labourers and others march to the capital and compel discussion of the exploding crisis of the countryside in a special three-week session of Parliament.
The battle of Saraighat and the image of Lachit Borphukan have been integral to identity making in contemporary Assam for the caste Assamese.