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Not all is well in Maldives. An interview with the father and close friend of slain Maldivian liberal blogger, Yameen Rasheed.
Rather than acting as apologists for the military, the government of Myanmar and the ruling party should tackle the real issues raised by the arrest of three journalists last week.
Journalists in Myanmar refuse to cower to assaults on the freedom of the press, and are standing up for their rights.
On 28 June 2017, concerned citizens in seventeen Indian cities gathered at the same time for an evening of poetics and music to raise their voice against mob lynchings and cow vigilantism.
Freedom of the press in India has a twisted past, a perverted present, and an uncertain future.
In today's environment of communal terseness in India, institutionalisation of interreligious dialogues becomes crucial in order to preserve the country's secular fabric.
The sociology, politics, legality, and economics of the cow slaughter debate in India.