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The 2018 general elections in Pakistan indicate critical shifts in Pakistani democracy and emergence of new forms of party politics.
The BJP's foray into Jammu and Kashmir and its eventual pull-out from the ruling coalition with the Valley-based PDP tells a story of sub-regional polarisation and voter disenchantment.
The UK's Brexit plan is rife with critical differences and structural restraints.
The Punjab government's recent anti-drug moves may not be the most effective response to the longstanding drug problem in the state.
Erdoğan's recent re-election indicates a deepening culture of strongmanship and authoritarianism in Turkey.
Populism has been a recurrent, if not endemic, feature of democracy in Asia.
The Trump administration’s policy on immigrant families and the “New” Poor Laws of England in the 1830s bear striking similarities in a Dickensian sense.
After years of forced isolation by erstwhile Gambian President Yahya Jammeh, the current administration of Adama Barrow is on way to course correction.
Complete domination of rural life by political parties means they – not caste or religious groups – have a monopoly on violence.
The government of the northeast Indian state of Assam appears poised to strip millions of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants of all constitutional rights and even render them stateless.