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Till the division, there were more Bengali speakers in Assam than Assamese speakers.
The speech generated a huge controversy in April 2002, a month after the calamitous communal riots in Gujarat, India.
Xi Jinping is hardly the eternal, invincible mega-leader that the West has understood him to be.
The recent protests over road safety in Bangladesh after the death of two young students in Dhaka were a blunt expression of popular anger against an apathetic administration.
Pakistan's new prime minister and former cricketer, Imran Khan, has spoken of rapprochement with India in his victory speech. Should India believe him?
The ban on cow slaughter in India has a complex past and a violent present.
Can radical politics harbor a deadening conservatism?
The 2018 general elections in Pakistan indicate critical shifts in Pakistani democracy and emergence of new forms of party politics.
The BJP's foray into Jammu and Kashmir and its eventual pull-out from the ruling coalition with the Valley-based PDP tells a story of sub-regional polarisation and voter disenchantment.
The UK's Brexit plan is rife with critical differences and structural restraints.