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The West doesn't doesn't want the Palestinians to protest either violently or nonviolently.
Fifteen years after the fall of the Iraqi dictator, an Iraqi recalls the utter chaos that followed the American invasion.
Recent developments in technology may turn our reality into a dystopian Orwellian nightmare – should we worry about it?
The barrage of unfiltered war images from Syria on social media is resulting in large-scale normalisation of wartime brutality.
Potential dissidents within the NLD are unlikely to gain influence in the near term.
Two new books show that for the poor, privacy has never been on offer.
The Indian state and media must make sure the Sikh diaspora remains a development stakeholder, not a community slandered with arbitrary political labels.
Turkey's Afrin war is a classic example of regional fascist, Imperialist, capitalist forces attempting to crush a progressive revolution.
The day's leaderships in India and Israel have much in common.
What to make of the Left in the post-Soviet era?