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There is deep sadness in the Christchurch attacks, but little shock. We need to address the permissive political environment that allows such hateful extremism to be promulgated so openly.
The Pakistan army continues to sell a false narrative about Kashmir to its people. India must counter that head-on.
Racism as a social construct permeates everyday life in Assam but remains ignored by the media—even normalised by people at large.
India and China must focus on their common aspirations to realise the 'Asian 21st century' dream.
Foreign press took away the dignity from victims killed in the Nairobi terror attacks by publishing their pictures.

Black Riot

The difference between riots and protests has more to do with who and where than what.
China's ambitious Belt and Road Initiative has been met with fierce backlash by many countries. But, with time, Beijing can change opinions.
Earlier in November, two Indian journalists received global acclaim for their fearless journalism. What do their timely accolades signify in Narendra Modi's India?
By continuing to hold the nation-state sacrosanct, the contemporary Left is only strengthening the divisive, exclusionary politics of the right-wing.
It's time to stop surveying women about their experiences as rape victims, time to research the men who perpetrate these crimes and work to inebriate and isolate women.