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By expelling the 'unwanted' and the 'ugly', India's ruling party wants to a create and preserve the 'garden' of their imaginations.
The makers of Game of Thrones just decimated one of its most endearing characters.
As the Indian republic enters its third phase, the federal system must give more autonomy to state and local units.
Recently, British Prime Minister Theresa May expressed regret at the brutal massacre of peacefully protesting Indians at the hands of British soldiers. But, is that enough?
The fissures between the Sikh communities in India and abroad won't do anyone good, and need to be resolved immediately.
India's fourth estate is falling apart from the inside. Nothing could be worse for a democracy.
Imran Khan's decision to open crucial pilgrimage routes for Sikh and Hindu pilgrims from India into Pakistan must be appreciated, particularly in times of crises.
There is deep sadness in the Christchurch attacks, but little shock. We need to address the permissive political environment that allows such hateful extremism to be promulgated so openly.
The Pakistan army continues to sell a false narrative about Kashmir to its people. India must counter that head-on.
Racism as a social construct permeates everyday life in Assam but remains ignored by the media—even normalised by people at large.