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Governing empire was deadening to its administrators, and lethal to its victims.
Making sense of India's ambitious air attack in deep Pakistani territory.
Recent research suggests that both conscious and unconscious biases continue to hamper women’s contributions to their fields of study.

Black Riot

The difference between riots and protests has more to do with who and where than what.


Two Letters on the Uprising in France.
Imagine a democratic protest where a million Indian farmers, labourers and others march to the capital and compel discussion of the exploding crisis of the countryside in a special three-week session of Parliament.
The battle of Saraighat and the image of Lachit Borphukan have been integral to identity making in contemporary Assam for the caste Assamese.
The recent killing of five Bengali Hindus in Upper Assam must be seen in context of a resurgent wave of ethno-nationalism in the state.

Blood Speaks

What is life like when having your period puts your health at risk and means you are shunned by society? Rose George reports from Nepal and Bangladesh on menstrual taboos.
A historical perspective into refugees can help us better understand the daunting crisis that we face today.