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China's ambitions to gain inroads into the Middle East have put to test its principle of non-interference.
The day's leaderships in India and Israel have much in common.
Rather than outrightly forcing its developmental model on other countries, Xi's China is poised to set examples at home for others to follow.
What does the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's YouTube dump of raw Cold War footage herald?
When it comes to East Asia, the US is hardly 'the indispensable power' today. All credit goes to Donald Trump.
The otherwise cosy US-Pakistan relationship has now entered rough waters.
The US President's decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital will have far-reaching consequences on the region.
Contrary to what Washington might believe, the road to Pyongyang does not go through Beijing.
China's timely intervention in the bilateral deadlock between Bangladesh and Myanmar over the Rohingya refugee crisis gives Beijing unparalleled geopolitical leverage in the region.
The US President will hopefully realise the folly of isolating Iran and equating it with North Korea. In a situation otherwise, he risks annoying a number of his allies.