Home Displacement


Life on the sandbars, or 'Chars', in Assam's Brahmaputra River is a daily struggle for most living on them.
How does one facilitate the return of those who do not even have a home to go back to?
With a simple 67-word letter sent on November 2, 1917, the British foreign secretary, Lord Arthur Balfour, irrevocably changed the political and geographic landscape of the Middle East.
Between Izmir and Athens: dream sellers and a notebook swallowed by the road.
When it comes to the Rohingya crisis, liberals have been unfruitfully 'centrist'.
The pattern of persecution of the Rohingya Muslims goes back to 1948, the year when Burma achieved independence from its British colonisers.
We want to live, simply because we love life.
Between Izmir and Athens, dream sellers and a notebook swallowed by the road.
The war made him leave his home behind, suddenly and begrudgingly. | Amir Darwish
The impact of Cyclone Mora on Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh highlights a treacherous but under-scrutinised link between displacement and natural disasters.