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India's ethnically-diverse northeast is a playfield of competing and often, clashing, territorial claims and political imaginations.
The wars against Islamic State and al-Qaida show that military responses may seem to work in the short term but don’t change much in the long run.
An Adivasi village within the megacity of Mumbai has been razed to make way for a Metro car depot, its inhabitants herded into matchbox-sized flats in an SRA building.
Today's Myanmar lacks the endemic conditions prerequisite for sanctions to work.
Complete domination of rural life by political parties means they – not caste or religious groups – have a monopoly on violence.
The historic Singapore Summit between North Korea and the US must be looked at from a broader perspective of regional security and economic stability.
The past few months have seen the ongoing ethnic armed conflict in Myanmar reach an unusual high. This does not bode well for the peace process.
Recent overtures by Pakistan's military establishment to India need to be taken with a pinch of salt.
The world cheered the defeat of IS in the Middle East, but the insurgency is far from over.
Asking Palestinians to be 'resilient' in the face of continuous brutality is to allow Israel to carry on with its agenda of violent repression.