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There is deep sadness in the Christchurch attacks, but little shock. We need to address the permissive political environment that allows such hateful extremism to be promulgated so openly.
The India-Pakistan partition might have been “one of the greatest administrative operations in history” for Lord Mountbatten, but it was a calamitous event for many others.
Terrorism hasn't always been associated with individuals – in the past, it has described violence used by the state against its subjects.
The Pakistan army continues to sell a false narrative about Kashmir to its people. India must counter that head-on.
This time, India and Pakistan have to solve the escalation crisis without American help and they must begin now.
Verses on war and what follows.
North Korea and the US have again failed to reach an agreement – and South Korea is being left on the sidelines.
Making sense of India's ambitious air attack in deep Pakistani territory.
Recent statements by Indian officials seem to indicate an upgrade in India's nuclear strategy towards Pakistan from countervalue to counterforce.
Foreign press took away the dignity from victims killed in the Nairobi terror attacks by publishing their pictures.