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American indifference might have spurred Beijing to rapidly strengthen its military presence in the South China Sea.
Recent viral posts on Indian social media give misleading figures for Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants and refugees currently living in the country.
In Assam, the complex process of identity formation takes an even more deviously complex form through the course of its colonial and post-colonial history.
The Lyngdoh Commission regulations need urgent reforms so as to make student politics in public universities more effective and dynamic.
Administrators of cities across the world underline the importance of urban centres in tackling climate change at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco.
The abrupt cancellation of recently-announced Foreign Minister-level talks between India and Pakistan herald a rough phase for bilateral relations between the two neighbours.
India, by falling back to its traditional non-alignment policy, can serve as a mediator between an increasingly assertive China and the West.
Violent resistance is often cathartic and seductive. But, it can have drastic consequences.
Moscow and Beijing are on a new path to build a solid alternative to the American order in Eastern Europe and Asia. But, India can't afford to take sides.
India needs serious reforms in Crime Reporting as the Supreme Court recommends a separate offence for mob lynching.