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Understanding the outcome of the 2017 British General Elections.
The story of how a small West African country overcame the throes of authoritarianism through due electoral processes and calculated regional intervention.
The recent bomb blast near Kabul's diplomatic enclave points towards a sinister pattern of growing insurgency and political instability in Afghanistan.
A review of the ongoing armed conflicts in Kachin and Shan States, Myanmar, and the displacement caused by them.
The impact of Cyclone Mora on Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh highlights a treacherous but under-scrutinised link between displacement and natural disasters.
Nepal's electoral democracy faces the challenge of a complex political fabric and assertive group agendas.
The sociology, politics, legality, and economics of the cow slaughter debate in India.
Political instability and separatist militancy have scaled new heights in the Kashmir Valley in recent times. A failed partisan alliance is to be blamed.
With the disintegration of the UNFC, Myanmar's government faces an unprecedented situation in the peace process.