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So far, Imran Khan has stood out as a leader. It remains to be seen if he goes down as Pakistan's main man in times of crises.
Governing empire was deadening to its administrators, and lethal to its victims.
Terrorism hasn't always been associated with individuals – in the past, it has described violence used by the state against its subjects.
New research shows that a large volume of Socrates' thinking came from Aspasia of Miletus, a woman he loved.
International Women's Day is an important and much-needed celebration of the countless struggles to level the playing field for women.
This time, India and Pakistan have to solve the escalation crisis without American help and they must begin now.
North Korea and the US have again failed to reach an agreement – and South Korea is being left on the sidelines.
Making sense of India's ambitious air attack in deep Pakistani territory.
Recent research suggests that both conscious and unconscious biases continue to hamper women’s contributions to their fields of study.
Recent statements by Indian officials seem to indicate an upgrade in India's nuclear strategy towards Pakistan from countervalue to counterforce.