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Fault Lines Are Becoming Unbridgeable In US–Pakistan Relations

The otherwise cosy US-Pakistan relationship has now entered rough waters.

The Impact of Trump’s Jerusalem Move On The Middle East

The US President's decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital will have far-reaching consequences on the region.

Survey | What’s The Issue?

What should and should not the Indian Prime Minister comment on?

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Hikayetna: Stories From Syrian Refugees

Stranger Than Fiction

Letters of Dreams and Refuge – Part IV

Between Izmir and Athens: dream sellers and a notebook swallowed by the road.

What I Left Behind

The war made him leave his home behind, suddenly and begrudgingly. | Amir Darwish

Do You Want Some Bread and Milk?

Curfew meant being attacked by the paramilitaries. An attack inside their quarters was called “operation” | A short story by Mekhala Saran


A kingdom of broken dreams, buried inside the eyes of their corpses | Faris Fakhreldin

Let’s Dance for Newroz

"Newroz, for me, is freedom from slavery and injustice." | Lorin Kasso

Vignettes of Love and Peace: Letters From Kabul

"just another morning in Kabul" | Jhilmil Breckenridge

Where I Come From

"From the womb of the Mediterranean I come" | Amir Darwish