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India-Canada Relations: Why Alienating the Sikh Diaspora Is a Bad Idea

The Indian state and media must make sure the Sikh diaspora remains a development stakeholder, not a community slandered with arbitrary political labels.

China’s Step Into the Maelstrom of the Middle East

China's ambitions to gain inroads into the Middle East have put to test its principle of non-interference.

Maldives Crisis: a Bitter Religious Divide Comes to the Fore

A toxic divide between moderate and fundamentalist Islam is plaguing the small island-nation of the Maldives.

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Hikayetna: Stories From Syrian Refugees

Stranger Than Fiction

Azad and Houda (Part I)

Two refugees in transit find love in an unlikely place.

Letters of Dreams and Refuge – Part IV

Between Izmir and Athens: dream sellers and a notebook swallowed by the road.

What I Left Behind

The war made him leave his home behind, suddenly and begrudgingly. | Amir Darwish

Do You Want Some Bread and Milk?

Curfew meant being attacked by the paramilitaries. An attack inside their quarters was called “operation” | A short story by Mekhala Saran


A kingdom of broken dreams, buried inside the eyes of their corpses | Faris Fakhreldin

Let’s Dance for Newroz

"Newroz, for me, is freedom from slavery and injustice." | Lorin Kasso

Vignettes of Love and Peace: Letters From Kabul

"just another morning in Kabul" | Jhilmil Breckenridge

Where I Come From

"From the womb of the Mediterranean I come" | Amir Darwish