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Will China’s Moon Landing Launch a New Space Race?

China just became the first country to land a probe on the far side of the moon. It's a technological achievement and another sign of China's capabilities and ambitions in space.

Black Riot

The difference between riots and protests has more to do with who and where than what.

Financial Sector Under Scrutiny Ahead of India’s Elections

Recent tensions between the Indian government and the country's central bank have shifted public attention to the strife-torn economy.

Genocide: 70 Years On, Three Reasons Why the UN Convention Is Still Failing

For Nobel laureate and Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel, 'never again' was 'a prayer, a promise, a vow'. Unfortunately, this vow is all too often broken.

The ‘Rohingya Eating Hindus’ Story Is Fake

A fake story about Rohingya refugees in India eating Hindus is doing the rounds. Beware!

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Black Riot


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Hikayetna: Stories From Syrian Refugees

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Stranger Than Fiction

The ‘Gay Cure’ Experiments That Were Written out of Scientific History

Robert Heath claimed to have cured homosexuality by implanting electrodes into the pleasure centre of the brain. Robert Colvile reports on one of the great forgotten stories of neuroscience.

Azad and Houda (Part II)

Two refugees in transit find love, warmth and solace in each other.

15 Years Since Saddam Fell: Horrors That Came Next

Fifteen years after the fall of the Iraqi dictator, an Iraqi recalls the utter chaos that followed the American invasion.

Azad and Houda (Part I)

Two refugees in transit find love in an unlikely place.

Letters of Dreams and Refuge – Part IV

Between Izmir and Athens: dream sellers and a notebook swallowed by the road.

What I Left Behind

The war made him leave his home behind, suddenly and begrudgingly. | Amir Darwish

Do You Want Some Bread and Milk?

Curfew meant being attacked by the paramilitaries. An attack inside their quarters was called “operation” | A short story by Mekhala Saran


A kingdom of broken dreams, buried inside the eyes of their corpses | Faris Fakhreldin